Stockholm HiFi show

stockholm HiFi show

I focus mainly on the loudspeakers and as always, its hard to evaluate a loudspeaker design at a Hifi show, but you can at least get a general impression on how they perform and sounds like. Best results without a subwoofer are obtainable in rooms about 14m2 in size. First stop was Connaisseur AV who had a spacious area to demonstrate Estelons YB floor-standers from Estonia in a limited edition Champagne Gold pearlescent finish which looked simply exquisite and sounded open and spacious with a sweet, delicate treble from the beryllium tweeter. Nice, but misused drivers from seas and ScanSpeak. A larger version of the 'table with a much taller, heavier version of the platter and a drive system that includes a pair of passive pulleys was also on display. I only had a brief listening session and I cant really tell if the sound quality match the price of this large loudspeaker. Trevor Butler went to Stockholm to investigate the high-end scene at the annual High-End Mässan fair held over a wintery weekend.

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stockholm HiFi show

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I just love Hegel. Perhaps another listening session would change the first impression. In each open-topped tower rusta öppettider midsommar uppsala a conical tweeter is combined with a dipole-action coaxial midrange (sourced from Italy) and four 10inch bass drivers as two sets working in phase. It was a good year. . They offer a 3-day home trial which seems to generate sales while keeping margins down, not to mention their 10-year warranty.