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the area. With that in mind, it was good to get onto the streets and see some solid community organizing at work. If your tastes run to beer, we have a number of Asian brews to choose from. Stop Hating, nazism is Shit, dont Touch My Friends, nMR is the Nazi group. The restaurant is well-suited for business lunches and dinners as well as after-work drinks and mingles at the bar. Still, the fact that it needed to happen is a dangerous show of systemic laissez-faire in the face of growing fascism worldwide. Our dishes vary greatly in taste and require wines that are a match for the Asian flavors in our cooking. Much like we saw in the US in 2016, people here know who they dont want and apparently all those people are running for office. Heres to more of that on both sides of the pond. And ultimately, outside of the constant re-routing thanks to over zealous street closures, the day was a powerful show of creative solidarity, community and anti-fascism.

Restaurant Farang invites you to join us for a culinary journey to Southeast Asia with stops along the way to sample the delicate cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our share food service encourages you and your party to relax and steep yourselves in the subtle flavours and aromas of the east. Umgås, ät och njut av asiatiska smaker från tidig till sen kväll.

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The last time NMR showed up, it cost Stockholm city 20 million crowns (roughly.2 million USD). Sign uses their initials to spell out Now Against Racism. Im not glad to see parallels between the nya bor US and Sweden but after today and the conversations Ive had with residents during my time here, its clear that the solution is the same no matter where you are: the people. The premises at Tulegatan 7 that today house Restaurant Farang were previously part of the Stockholm Electric Company. Speeches were held decrying the hate and violence set forward by the nazis and the party closest to their ideals. Articles, one year ago, the EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum was held for the first time in Jakarta. There, in what once was the machine hall on the ground floor, you will find Farangs main dining room. Counter-protestors got started early blowing up giant turds and passing out shirts that read Nazism Är Skit (Nazism is Shit) and posters that read Ät Skit Nassar (Eat Shit Nazis). Fuck your day, the nazis need to meet. Most people feel that theres no one willing to really rattle thrones. The show attracted international attention.

ät stockholm

Njut av våra asiatiska smaker från både grillen och sushiköket tillsammans, sharing style.
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